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Elementary School


Elementary School Faculty and Staff

Pre-K 3 Pre-K 4
  • Elizabeth Kirwan
  • Danielle Corbett
  • Cristina Paucar
  • Teacher Page
1st Grade
2nd Grade 3rd Grade
4th Grade 5th Grade
Elementary 8:1:1
  • Julie Waller
  • Alexandra DeSouza
  • Samantha Slattery
  • Jessica Fitzgerald
Private School
  • Laura Keenan
  • Kristina Minichiello
  • Corrine Neubauer
  • Adrienne Gholson

CPSE Chairperson
Speech Pathologist


District-Wide Faculty and Staff

Art Athletic Director
  • Jen Suarez
  • Judyann Fayyaz
Family and Consumer Science
School Counselor Health/PE
  • David Holmes
School Nurse
  • Elizabeth Flanagan

School Psychologist
  • Brianna Miller



Latest News

Sharing Joy in the Community

Students With Decorated Stones thumbnail217497

Bridgehampton Elementary School students read Diane Alber’s “Scribble Stones” a heartwarming story about a little stone that was able to spread kindness to the world. Inspired by the story, they then decorated stones with positive pictures and kind messages to sprinkle around the Bridgehampton community on a walking field trip. Students carefully selected spots through town, where they thought their joyful stones would be seen by the most people and spread the most happiness.

“The purpose was to spread happiness and positivity through the community,” teacher Caitlin Hansen said.

Date Added: 5/19/2022

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